Thank Yous

So, I have some people in my life that deserve some recognition. First off…husband and son for putting up with the amount of time I spend on my computer. The submission process is time consuming and they’re being very understanding. 

My beta readers, particularly fellow writers Marie (m/m erotica), Leila (Hindi poetry), and Kelly (Paranormal/Urban Fantasy). I’ve been bouncing stuff off of them for years and they still like me. I think. Seriously, they’re awesome.
Candace, who will be giving birth to her third child tomorrow morning. Scheduled induction…I think they’re going early for safety reasons. Anyhow…Candace’s opinion of JB was a huge part of me deciding to look for an agent. She also read Dreams Awake and her comments helped with the first edit.
Michelle, Val, and Zach, too, and if I forgot you, please slap me upside the head. It’s late…my eyes are crossing.

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