Saturday Snark

Saturday Snark is the creation of Marie Sexton, a gay erotica author who has shared her gift for subtle sarcasm with her creations. Each Saturday, she invites writers to join her on a snarky blog hop. If you have a snarky character and would like to participate, it’s simple:

1. Post a snarky sample on your blog.
2. Provide a link back to Marie’s site.
3. Enter your link into the blog hop on Marie’s site.
4. Check back often to read new snark posts.

Shane seriously doubted it had merely been once or twice. After a few minutes of playfully tapping swords with him, she was still collected. Her hair was still a pinned arrangement of curls. Not a glistening of sweat anywhere. She still held herself gracefully and in good form. Her back was straight, her sword arm slightly bent and held just below shoulder level. Her other hand held the hems of her skirts off the floor and she seemed entirely relaxed. He wasn’t kidding when he said once or twice. She clearly was.

The grace he had expected. Lady Griffin carried herself like a dancer. But it became obvious that she had fencing training, from a master, and she that practiced. He wasn’t surprised at all that her arm grew tired within a few minutes.

What he hadn’t expected was for her to switch hands.

The woman used his moment of confusion to rip his blade right out of his hand and caught him at the base of his neck just enough to scratch. “You’re not even warmed up yet, are you?” he asked her.

“That is the extent of what I can do…” she put the sword’s tip on the tile, then used the weapon as leverage as she lowered herself in a grand curtsy. She bowed her head just slightly, keeping eye contact, “…in this dress.”

Shane felt himself almost choke as the gesture gave him an advantageous glance down her dress. “You’re full of surprises, my lady.” Her lip curled just a bit as his voice broke.

Having disappointed her once before with a pathetic attempt at sexist intimidation, he knew that looking down her dress only amused her. She had bested him with wit, and now with a sword, two weapons that were generally, and foolishly, attributed to men before women. The best he could do to match her was stare at her breasts.

But they’re such lovely….

“And you’re everything I had expected, Lord Marsi.”

If you enjoyed today’s snark and would like to read more (and aren’t easily offended)…click here or use the bloghop links below.



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