Six Sentence Sunday

Krystal Wade introduced me to a cool Sunday blog hop, which makes her instantly one of my favorite people on the web. Visit her blog and leave a comment (or at least a reaction. Geez people. :humph: Oh, speaking of reactions, I’ve changed mine to “Like” and “Dislike.”)

This excerpt is from “Inward,” a contemporary novel about a young Mormon woman struggling with her faith. In this scene, Marie is discussing her recent suicide attempt and current mental state with her bishop.

Marie felt an overwhelming annoyance for the game as he insinuated that she was choosing to remain depressed and that she could toss it away as easily as she had been changing expressions during their talk. She pulled away the mask entirely and tossed it, but didn’t replace it. She let her anger at his assumption show, revealing the dark shadow within her that he had referred to so casually. 

The bishop was taken aback. Quiet horror spread across his face. He had thought that her act was real, her depression fake, and he realized just then he might have had it backwards.

Six Sentence Sunday is a blog hop that posts on Sundays, which is a great thing for bloggers who like to post regularly but don’t always have something new to say. I’m participating in two. On Saturday, I’m snarky. On Sunday, I try to tell a story in six sentences. My blog is current, and I don’t even have to be near a computer!

Participation is straightforward. Submit a link to the host site between 6:00 pm Tuesday and 11:59 pm on Saturday. Post a six sentence excerpt on your blog on Sunday, (I schedule! It posts while I’m sleeping.) Six Sentence Sunday posts the blog hop at 9 am on Sunday. It just seems silly not to.

(All times mentioned in this post are US Eastern.)


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