Six Sentence Sunday: Gossamer #1

Today’s six sentences make up the entire prologue of one of my WIPs. Enjoy.

All the fires that burn…all that have…all that will.

Those were the words carved into the gate above Rhys’s head. That was the meaning behind the tattoo on his arm, and the power, so the Pa’a said, given to Gabaimi’a-kuna by their god: to walk through fire.

Every strand of hair on his body stood up as his eyes trailed from the words to the fenghuang carving, knowing the wrong hands made it, in the wrong place, at the wrong time…just like—

Gabai found him once before, he thought as he retreated in the moonlight toward the roar of river water. She would again.

Six Sentence Sunday is a blog hop that posts on Sundays, which is a great thing for bloggers who like to post regularly but don’t always have something new to say. I’m participating in two. On Saturday, I’m snarky. On Sunday, I try to tell a story in six sentences. My blog is current, and I don’t even have to be near a computer!

Participation is straightforward. Submit a link to the host site between 6:00 pm Tuesday and 11:59 pm on Saturday. Post a six sentence excerpt on your blog on Sunday, (I schedule! It posts while I’m sleeping.) Six Sentence Sunday posts the blog hop at 9 am on Sunday. It just seems silly not to.

(All times mentioned in this post are US Eastern.)


18 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Gossamer #1

  1. This succeeds, Wendy, because I want to read more. I'm surprised, because usually, cryptic passages that incorporate a lot of words with apostrophes in them somehow turn me off. However, somehow, I get a feeling of authenticity with this. I also get the feeling that a lot of work is behind it.When and how can I see more?

  2. I understand about words with apostrophes being a turn off. Your spidey sense is right though…it's a real language, dying, but still spoken by some Shoshoni natives in Wyoming. (They have a good online dictionary.) It needs a lot more work, and not a whole lot of it is ready to look at at all. I'm posting another six on Sunday, but from a different character in a different place. Something happens chronologically a few minutes before this…Rhys's motivation to leave in the middle of the night, but I haven't decided when or how to bring it in yet.

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