Six Sentence Sunday – Shelved WIP #2

First, I’d like to thank everyone whose read and commented on my previous Six posts. I’m having a lot of fun and I hope you all are as well.

Today’s six sentences are from the same conversation as last week. In this scene, Briar has just confessed to his wife the reason their son has run off.

“You son of a bitch!” she shrieked as anger erupted through twenty years of training and control.

Briar recoiled from his wife’s slap and reached out to her, pleading, “Mia, please, I….”

Rushing his grab, the former queen-elect stepped forward and shoved her her flat palm into his chest with enough force to knock him off his feet.

“Mark me, Mr. Greeves.” The sun glowed about her disheveled blond head like a halo. Wincing as she rubbed her hand, she spat, “The day you no longer have a son…you no longer have a wife.”

Please check out the other authors at Six Sentence Sunday. Some of my favorites are Jayel Kaye, Sarah Ballance, Krystal Wade, Monica Enderle Pierce, Siobhan Muir, Sarah W., and Pippa Jay.

Writers! Participation in SSS is straightforward. Submit a link to the host site between 6:00 pm Tuesday and 11:59 pm on Saturday. Post a six sentence excerpt on your blog by 9 am Eastern (US) on Sunday.


12 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – Shelved WIP #2

  1. Oh, why was this shelved?Think about meringue for a moment. You have egg whites. You add some cream of tartar. You whip them until until they have these lovely white peaks. And if you keep whipping them, they seize up into a white mass floating in water.That's what I did to this WIP. I plan on doing something with the chapter this came from, maybe building something new.Thanks everyone for commenting. I love that you like it. 🙂

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