#SixSunday: Virgo (WIP)-Dance Club Scene #5

Every once in a while, I hate my blog so much I have to change it. Fortunately, Blogger makes that very easy. But, don’t get used to it…I love it right now, but I’m bound to get tired of it again.

Last week, Delilah spoke to Adam and they seemed to get along, and Sam notes to himself that the other man has no idea of the compliment he’s just been paid. Next, Delilah gets ready to work.

At 11:12, Delilah unzipped her hoodie and tossed it blindly over her shoulder. Her outfit was basic and representative of her entire wardrobe. A too-small t-shirt with a faded print of Grouchy Smurf, baggy capris, and sneakers…baby blue, of course. Her dark brown hair, streaked blonde and blue, was tied back in a sloppy knot. She spread gloss on her lips with her pinky, slipped the tube in her pocket, then pulled the vintage horn rimmed frames off her head. Sam chuckled as she slipped them over her 20/20 eyes.

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30 thoughts on “#SixSunday: Virgo (WIP)-Dance Club Scene #5

  1. Some wonderful description, but it's the last sentence that grabbed my interest the most. Seeming contradictions like that spawn a lot of questions in my mind and is the sort of thing I love reading in books.

  2. Wow. I have a clear mental picture of her. Wonderful. I especially love that she didn't just put gloss on, but she did it with her pinky. I love it when writers find new ways to say the same thing. Great description. πŸ˜‰

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