My Red Star Award

So, I’ve been devouring books lately. And like Rebecca Hamilton, a writer I very much admire for her talent, taste, and wisdom beyond her years, I round up on my star ratings, and for the same reasons she does. That’s resulted in a string of 4 and 5 star ratings. (I only have time for books I think I’ll like, I find them deserving of high marks.) 

One of the books left me with a feeling of euphoria. I didn’t want to read another book when I was done because everything was executed so well, and the ending hook was fantastic, I wished to have the sequel in my hands right that second. Since then, I’ve wanted to reward this book, and its author, with special recognition. I figured why not make it my little blog thing. 

My first Red Star goes to Sean Poindexter, for The Shadows of Tiamat

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