#SixSunday #SixSunday: Virgo (WIP) #12

For those of you who have been following Sam’s narrative of the Dance Club scene, the last six were posted two weeks ago. But, I thought some of you might possibly be interested in reading the scene straight through, so I have posted the whole chapter as a sample here. It’s a WIP; I am open to criticism; and comments are open on that page if you feel like leaving one.

On to this week’s six!

Set-up: In this flashback of Sam’s, he recalls a day about three years earlier. Delilah has Asperger’s Syndrome, and since being injected with her brother’s nano-bugs, it takes very little to trigger a meltdown. When Sam and his friend Tommy first brought Delilah to their safe house, she astonished Sam by plopping right down on her new bed and making herself comfortable. In the scene below, it’s a month later, and Sam has just asked her what she liked about the room.

Instead of answering, she asked,“Who won the ’92 world series?”

“Toronto.” She was lying on her stomach on her bed, knees bent, ankles crossed, and shaking her head with her eyes focused on the crossword puzzle. “Um…try Blue Jays.”

“Blue.” After filling in the answer, she looked around at the walls and said, “It’s the right blue.”

Please check out the other authors at Six Sentence Sunday. Some of my favorites are Sarah BallanceKrystal WadeMonica Enderle PierceSiobhan MuirSarah W.Pippa Jay, Kelly Seguin, and Steven Montano.

Writers! Participation in SSS is straightforward. Submit a link to the host site between 6:00 pm Tuesday and 11:59 pm on Saturday. Post a six sentence excerpt on your blog by 9 am Eastern (US) on Sunday.


34 thoughts on “#SixSunday #SixSunday: Virgo (WIP) #12

  1. Thanks, Kate. Asperger's isn't the focus of the story, but I really hope to do justice to Asperger's and the people around those who have it.

  2. Inspired me to look up Aspergers and decide I probably have it. (I've suspected an autism spectrum disorder for some time, but at my age it doesn't matter much–didn't stop me from getting a PhD in geophysics.) Delilah's reaction felt quite normal to me.

  3. My best friend has AS. Dealing with him can be interesting at times but his mind is so brilliant, I sit back and just boggle. Those with the syndrome definitely have their own way of looking at the world. Delilah's response felt right. I have to admit, the nano bugs have me intrigued. Nice six.

  4. Her mind works in fascinating ways. AS people are amazing and can be so adaptive. (And the nano-bugs made me sit up and go "Wha?! Oooh."(And thanks for commenting on my post last week. I'm sorry didn't get a chance to thank you and return the favor until now.)

  5. Great six, Wendy! What a great insight into her character and reactions… coming from someone who doesn't know anything about Asperger's. I can't wait to see how this plays out with the nano-bugs and her situation. 🙂

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