Lucky Sevens

Lucky Sevens is a writing blog meme. Once tagged, the writer must pull out their present WIP, go to page 77, find the 7th sentence, and the post that plus the next six sentences. Krystal Wade tagged me. Since my present WIP doesn’t have 77 pages, I’m going to take advantage of her gracious permission to cheat.

These 7 sentences are numbers 7-11 of page 77 of a shelved novel.

“What else happened,” Nataju asked, caressing his wife’s arm. Her tattoo healed faster than his. All her injuries did.

“Siilan…” she said with a heavy exhale.

“…the hopeless wonder?…”

“Not so much,” Jiade’s lilt pierced through her sadness. “Briar’s daughter adores him.”

My beta readers have enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll dust it off and submit it somewhere.

Ok. Now I get to pick seven lucky people!

Again, here are the “rules.” Go to page 77 of your WIP (or something else you’ve written), find sentences 7-11. Post. Tag 7 more people. Feel free to cheat.

3 thoughts on “Lucky Sevens

  1. Jiade's an immortal her people call a "Virgin Knight." There hasn't been one among them in long enough that they became myths, until she was born. Anyhow, she can be injured but she heals quicker than normal. (An aside…the celibacy isn't a choice. Her immortality is tied to it.)

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