#SixSunday – Circle of the Butterfly #2

Last week, Liasneh drew her sergeant’s sword and teased Colette’s guards for assuming she mean to harm the oracles, (which she does…just not at the moment.) This six follows immediately after last week’s.

Liasneh gazed coolly up at the king. She placed the tip of the sword on the box and crossed her arms as if to embrace it. With her hands each grasping the opposite sides of sculpted crossing, she rested her chin on one and tilted her face just slightly in towards the handle.

“What I want, Eric, is to betray Sister Colette’s best kept secret.”

Colette stood up from her chair.

Liasneh shifted on her feet, but continued to lean on the blade as she said, “Her birthday is today.”

Please check out the other authors at Six Sentence Sunday. Some of my favorites are Sarah BallanceKrystal WadeMonica Enderle PierceSiobhan MuirSarah W.Pippa Jay, Kelly Seguin, and Steven Montano.

Writers! Participation in SSS is straightforward. Submit a link to the host site between 6:00 pm Tuesday and 11:59 pm on Saturday. Post a six sentence excerpt on your blog by 9 am Eastern (US) on Sunday.


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