#SixSunday – Circle of the Butterfly #4

Last Week, Liasneh’s box opened, releasing butterflies into Erik’s throne room, and revealing a dead child laid to rest with wild flowers. This next six happens roughly at the same time, hundreds of miles away. The point of view belongs to Erik’s son, Prince Briar, who along with two of Colette’s guardians, is following the path of destruction left by Liasneh’s men through a region called “The Ruby String.” The three were sent into the woods simply to punish the prince for embarrassing his father. The rumors weren’t taken seriously by Erik’s court; Briar and the knights weren’t expected to find anything.

Death waited for them beyond the veil of smoke.The wind shifted, Briar dug in his heels, and his horse charged deeper into the burning woods.

It was neither bravery nor desire on his part; he’d never been accused of having much of the former, and the latter he reserved for carnal delights. Anticipation pushed him between the smoldering trees and into the clearing moments before a comet crossed behind him, spooking his horse.

The prince pushed up from the ground just enough to spit out dirt and watched with awe the ring of fire chasing a flurry of leaves along the tree line.

He followed the flame until his eye fell on Shannen standing with her arms outstretched, eyes cast skyward, balanced upon the village well in the eye of the storm.

Please check out the other talented writers participating in this week’s Six Sentence Sunday. These are some of my favorites: Sarah BallanceKrystal WadeMonica Enderle PierceSiobhan MuirSarah W.Pippa Jay, Kelly Seguin, and Steven Montano.


17 thoughts on “#SixSunday – Circle of the Butterfly #4

  1. I do not intend to sound like a broken record, however, your imagery is staggering! Where can I buy this book? I'm with L.J. and Dee! Sincerely Wendy, I wish I had a quarter of your ability to capture images.Awesome Six!

  2. Thank you, everyone! As for where you can buy it…it's actually a shelved novel, though I am tossing around the idea of submitting it, after another round of editing.

  3. Beautifully envisioned and vividly written. Your prose is exceptional and immediately puts your reader into the heart of the scene. So well done, Wendy. Bravo!!!

  4. What an engaging blend of imagery and inner thoughts. Please do edit and submit this for publication. I'll line up to buy it!–Kimberly K. Comeau

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