Midsummer Night’s Blog Hop UPDATE #2 — The Pairings!

I promised a drawing on June 1st. I believe I mentioned something about a bicycle helmet and letting my son pick the names, which I did. But first thing’s first.

I have some sad news to share. One of our entrants has had to remove herself from the list. Life can take strange turns at inconvenient moments, and hers has diverted off the trail and way off into the woods. May the Force be with you, dear. Message me!

The Pairings*

Christine Ashworth + Claire Gillian

Gregor Caine, whom Ashworth describes as tall, dark, and executive, is a man who exercises control out of belief the world will fall apart if he doesn’t. Circe, then, might be the last person who whom he’d choose to have beer. First, she’s a siren with a proven track record of sinking ships. Second, she uses sign language when speaking to humans.

Cindy Young-Turner + Sasha Summers

Sydney has survived on the streets of Last Hope most of her life through pickpocketing and prostitution. Nineteen now, she’s a resistance fighter supporting a bastard prince. Whatever will she think of Poseidon, the sexy-and-he-knows-it God of the Seas? Hmm….

Krystal Wade + Kinley Baker

Caleb and Arland  will find they have a lot to talk about. Both have witnessed the slaughter of women and children, and both are leaders of people pushed to the brink of extinction. Caleb’s a bit old fashioned when it comes to women though. Kate Wilde’s invited to the conversation, but she might choose to catch up with her sister while the men compare scars.

Lindsay Loucks + Diane Hayes

Goth chic Leigh Baxton, 15, is the type to hit first and ask questions later. I wonder which she’ll find cuter: Micah Fuller’s admirable restraint with his Gift of Suggestion? Or his crush on Haley Miller (who’s Leigh’s age.)

Raven Bower + S.M. Boyce

As women living in dangerous worlds, Kara Magari and Shayla Dormyr may have a lot to talk about…friends, enemies, magic, bladed weapons, hot guys….

Louann Carroll + Siobhan Muir

Julianna is so new to the werewolf world, her nomination for Alpha may have come with a vocabulary quiz. The abrupt upheaval of her life may give her something to talk about with pregnant mother Kellyn O’Brien, a woman who has never known quite where she belongs.

Rebecca Hamilton + Sandra Bunino

Sara Wiley, 24, is an architect who restores neglected structures, but her personal life is ruin she can’t quite fix. Ivory’s not much different, but as she’s been a Cruor since the Salem witch trials, she’s been dragging her baggage around a few centuries longer. I see them getting along, if Sara can keep up with Ivory’s snark, and Ivory can resist snacking on Sara.

Avery Olive + Kary Rader

The next pairing is odd, to be sure. Avant, lord of Domentus Ventium, is a student of the classics…history, philosophy, war. Those who know him mistake his intensity for severity, so the very sight of him may scare the pants off Xylia and Landon. The teens and their relationship with death may interest the scholar. This conversation has great potential.

Jean Murray + Wendy Russo

Asar, Egyptian God of the Underworld, desires vengeance at all costs against a malevolent goddess that stole his soul. Meanwhile, he serves as judge, jury, and executioner for the souls seeking refuge in Aaru, Paradise Isle of the Underworld. Seventeen-year-old Matty Ducayn, an unruly math-minded genius and occasional smart ass, may offend Asar in three seconds flat. Or maybe not.

Alrighty ladies, we are T-minus 20 days and counting!

*Note: Posted conversations may or may not resemble the descriptions above.

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