#SixSunday – Circle of the Butterfly #8

Okay…[cracks knuckles]…last week, Briar found a little girl named Jiade hidden behind a wardrobe closet. For those of you following along with this series, her sister was the one in the box with the butterflies. This scene takes place 25 years later, and Briar is on the beach struggling with his “niece’s” death.

Briar wondered when he lost that little girl? The night before as she begged him to call off his marriage to Vanessa Saung? The summer past, when Jiade put the man who killed her family on his knees, only to toss her sword and walk away in disgust?

Four years ago, as she lay wounded behind enemy lines, a prisoner of the Sand King?

At seventeen, when she was called by the Oracles into their Circle and ordained Virgin Knight?

Fifteen, when she first uttered her warning–I am the angel of death, and I’m coming for [Anyakar]–to a rogue Hand, right before she picked up the teeth he spat to keep for souveniers?

Please check out the other talented writers participating in this week’s Six Sentence Sunday. These are some of my favorites: Sarah Ballance, Krystal Wade, Monica Enderle Pierce, Siobhan Muir, Sarah W., Pippa Jay, Kelly Seguin, and Steven Montano.

And if you’re interested in character-vs-character interviews, check out the Midsummer Night’s Blog Hop. Eighteen writers tossed their names into a hat. Pairs were drawn. And Thursday, they posted character-vs-character interviews. Interested? Check click the green square on the right margin. All of the posts are linked from there. Happy Summer πŸ™‚


24 thoughts on “#SixSunday – Circle of the Butterfly #8

    • Thanks Sarah. I really want to go back and rework the whole thing. Everything I’ve been posting is from recent editing. But, it’s a big (210k word) job. And I’m just about to get January Black back from my editor, so I don’t know when I’ll get serious about Circle. I really want to though. I’d love to submit it. I think my publisher would love it. (I hope they will.)

    • Yes. He’s also a weak, self-centered man, which underlies the circumstances which brought him here. He’s a good guy, with some not so admirable traits. Thanks, Pippa!

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