Evolution Thursday: Kinley Baker

Kinley BakerKinley Baker is the author of the fantasy romance series, Shadowed Love. She read her first romance at the age of thirteen and immediately fell in love with the hero and the genre. She lives with her husband, Benjamin, and her dog, Joker, in the Pacific Northwest. Ruined and Denied are available now. Look for Freed in July 2012. As a firm supporter of all supernatural lifestyles, she writes fantasy romance, paranormal romance, and futuristic romance.
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What gave you the idea for Denied?

When I wrote Ruined, the first book in the Shadowed Love Series, in 2009, I knew I wanted to write Caleb’s story. He ended up being the hero in the second novel, now called Denied. Caleb is the leader of a people who lost their women, children, and home realm in a ruthless invasion, and there was so much depth and pain inside him, I wanted to give him his happy ending. Denied went through three rewrites, but it turned out better than I could have hoped, and Tabitha is the perfect heroine for him. She challenges him in all the right ways. They challenge each other, and I hope everyone enjoys reading about it.

Do you recall the first scene you wrote?

The first scene I wrote is a scene that is no longer in the book. This story went through so many transformations. But there is one scene that stands out. It’s been there through all the versions. It has to do with Tabitha learning how to shoot an arrow, since she’s only an expert with a sword. It doesn’t go well.

loved that scene. Did you have a scene that you loved but ended up cutting?

Cutting scenes is never easy for me, even when I recognize it’s not important to driving the story forward. There were a lot of scenes I loved that I ended up cutting on the last rewrite. I realized just because I like the events that happen in a scene doesn’t mean it’s right for the story. Luckily, one scene I really loved works in another series, so I’m not losing it completely. It’s just a little different in a different world with different characters.

I usually have an a-ha moment, where an insignificant detail becomes something really important. Did you have a moment like that? Will it spoil the plot to tell me what it was?

My a-ha moment was when I finally figured out the structure of the story. It’s not something I can put into words, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the story, and it will be worth it.

Are you surprised where the story took you? Or if you ended up where you planned, were you surprised how you got there?

Yes, I was surprised where the story took me considering where I started with the first draft. But I think it’s all for the better. Caleb and Tabitha are two characters who are innocent in a lot of ways, but broken and tested, as well. They discover their strengths and weaknesses in each other, and learn to become a team. I couldn’t ask for anything better than where they end up.

What story idea is sitting in the class right now, raising his hand madly, begging you to call on him?

I probably have four series right now with at least one book done. They’re all raising their hands saying “Pick me!”. Right now, I’m reading craft books and focusing on regrouping. It’s hard to be patient with so many stories clamoring to be told, but I want to make sure I do them justice. Also, I’m working on Arianna’s story, which is book three in the Shadowed Love Series. It’s very tough to write because it’s emotional but I think the end result will be totally worth it.

Thank you so much for allowing me to visit today!

Thank you so much for coming, Kinley.

And, my dear lovely readers, please check out Denied, which is currently available from Amazon. You won’t be disappointed.

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