#SixSunday – January Black #7

Last week, Matty dropped something as the police agents were taking him away. This week’s six are the beginning of chapter 2, and it rewinds the story two years, to the night Matty’s search for January Black began.

It was a ball of crumpled paper.

As it sailed over a stargazer’s shoulder, it caught the attention of a boy walking into the observatory. Mathematical equations bloomed through his mind like a field of flowers awakening. In the roughly zero-point-six-six seconds it took for the sphere to fall five feet, he worked the variables of mass, acceleration, air density, surface area and drag coefficient. The ball bounced on two stairs, once more on the floor, and rolled onto one side. By the time it fell still, sixteen-year-old Matthias Ducayn had calculated the ball’s terminal velocity to be about three-point-seven-five meters per second.

Please check out the other talented writers participating in this week’s Six Sentence Sunday. These are some of my favorites: Sarah Ballance, Krystal Wade, Monica Enderle Pierce, Siobhan Muir, Sarah W., Steven Montano, and Goran Zidar.


18 thoughts on “#SixSunday – January Black #7

  1. I absolutely love how you’ve given us so much insight into his character with this little flashback. You’ve tied the past and the present with the paper. Really terrific writing, Wendy. A strong show of craft here.

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