The Look Challenge

Kendall Gray posted a “look” challenge on her blog, and tagged everyone who happened to read it. And, just now, I did. The idea is that you open your manuscript, search for the word “look” and post the paragraphs surrounding it. My January Black file is never closed these days, so I’m posting a teaser of that. At the end, I’ll tag some more authors.

It didn’t matter how much planning went into the king’s parties. Behind the scenes, they were always organized chaos. Just inside the door, there were a hundred people it seemed, some coming, some going, all walking quickly and with a purpose. Beyond them were the double doors that led into the Grand Corridor.

Iris dove into the crowd. She shoved past a woman with a mop, and then ran into the back of a man with a fire extinguisher. Each push earned her a scolding. Voices from all around her spoke her name, until it was the one word that could be made out above the din.

She didn’t apologize or even acknowledge any of them. She just wished they’d take the hint and get out of her way.

Finally, Iris reached the doors and jerked them open.

Faces wearing glittered and feathered masks turned toward the open doors. Iris froze in place, momentarily halted by the scorn she saw in their eyes. She broke free of her stupor and darted into the middle of them, ignoring the startled gasps of the women and angry demands for security to take her away.

She wondered as the Regents did where the palace police were, but she didn’t dare stop to look around. It hurt to breathe but desperation pushed her onward, chasing questions toward a destination that seemed horribly far away.

Had Matty slept at all? Or did he just wait until she drifted off to slip out of the room? Could he really have made love to her with his decision made? Did it hurt to walk away? Why was he doing this?

Wasn’t I enough?

Fellow blogging authors, give us your first “look.”

6 thoughts on “The Look Challenge

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  2. I’m really enjoying this story, Wendy—it’s nice to see more than six sentences of it!

    And thanks for the tag. I’ll dig through and find the right ‘look’ tomorrow. 🙂

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