#SixSunday – January Black #13

After he was expelled from school for a small act of defiance, Matty Ducayn has been given a challenge by his king. If he answers a question–What was January Black?–his former school will give him a diploma.

It’s a silly question, the boy thinks. It would be like asking an American elementary school kid “What was the Mayflower?” Everyone in Matty’s kingdom knows January Black was a ship.

It’s a few days later, and Matty has returned to the king’s library with an answer in the form of a report. The first speaker below is King Hadrian.

“It appears concise, well-written, and the part detailing the engines warrants a thorough read.” Matty smiled with pride, until the king said, “But, there’s a problem with your answer.”


Gesturing to the report, Hadrian said, “You have answered what January Black is. I asked what January Black was.”

Matty hadn’t considered Hadrian’s challenge might involve semantics.

Please check out the other talented writers participating in this week’s Six Sentence Sunday. These are some of my favorites: Sarah Ballance, Krystal Wade, Monica Enderle Pierce, Siobhan Muir, Sarah W., Steven Montano, and Goran Zidar.


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