#SixSunday – January Black #16

Last week, Matty was working into the early morning hours, writing a script on Hadrian’s computer. The program he was creating was intended to anticipate Iris’ supervisor’s discretion when assigning daily work details. Matty used it to figure out where Iris would be everyday. Things don’t go exactly as he plans.

In this scene, Matty is lying the the floor of the library, listening to a string concerto, and studying the ceiling while trying to figure out where his program went wrong.

After sitting down on the floor behind Matty’s head, Hadrian placed the book of sonnets back where he found it. “I assume that your discretion program either failed, or worked beautifully with equally disappointing results.”

“How’s that?”

“Had it gone well…” Hadrian propped his chin on his clasped hands as he gazed down at Matty, “…would you be in here, with gorgeous weather, committing a despairing sonnet to memory on your birthday?”

“She found my uncanny ability to find her disturbing.”

“Come on!” Hadrian quipped, grabbing Matty’s hand and pulling him up off the floor.

Please check out the other talented writers participating in this week’s Six Sentence Sunday. These are some of my favorites: Sarah Ballance, Krystal Wade, Monica Enderle Pierce, Siobhan Muir, Sarah W., Steven Montano, and Goran Zidar.

12 thoughts on “#SixSunday – January Black #16

  1. The snippets from this have me so intrigued and Hadrian is fascinating. These two seem to have a very unconventional relationship.

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