00-GumboWeatherI’d like to say that it’s gumbo weather. In some parts of the US, it is, but not here. I present as evidence the picture to your left.

I never realized while growing up that the weather is huge cue for the holidays. I’ve lived in South Louisiana for more than 16 years, and Christmas still catches me off guard. Look at my kid in my back yard and tell me it’s really December. (Yes, this is in fact the weather that I moved to Louisiana to enjoy.)  I love Christmas, but I’m a bit low on Christmas spirit.

I haven’t made gumbo in a while. I started posting pictures on Facebook this morning and realized five pictures later that I had enough content for a blog post. So, I’m going to show you, my lovely readers, how I make mine. (And by mine, I mean Tiffiny Guidry’s.)

You’ll notice that there isn’t a recipe on this page. That’s because I learned gumbo as a process, rather than an amalgamation of ingredients. Each pot is different. Always yummy, but they all come together differently.


I start with a 10-inch skillet and mix 2 cups of flour with 2 cups of vegetable oil with a wire whisk. I heat this over medium heat and stir continuously until it’s medium brown. (It will continue to darken as it sits.)

04-RouxInPot I take half of the roux and put it into my 7-qt enameled cast iron dutch oven. I used to make gumbo in stock pots, but I find the temperature hard to control. Cast iron is MUCH easier to deal with.


To that, add your Holy Trinity (4 med yellow onions, 2 green peppers, 4 stalks of celery, uniformly chopped.) Sweat the veggies for about 10 minutes on medium, stirring occassionally.


Meanwhile, I stored the rest of the roux in the fridge and washed dishes.


I filled the pot with water, leaving about an inch, and brought it to a boil. Then, I lowered the heat and let it simmer until the water level reduced by about 1/2 an inch.


At that point, sauted frozen okra in canned diced tomatoes until the okra wasn’t slimy, then poured it into the gumbo pot. And then brought that back up to a boil.


While this has been working, I thawed a 1-lb chicken breast, and a pound of leftover Thanksgiving turkey.  I also microwaved 3 links of smoked sausage for 1:30 on high. This made the sausage soft enough to slice. When the gumbo was boiling, I added the turkey, then the sausage, then the raw diced chicken. Yes, raw. This stuff is now going to boil for about an hour, so cooking the chicken first means I wash another pot. I’m not that fond of washing dishes.



These are the seasonings that I add to my gumbo. I add each in a thin layer and stir in. Then I give it a few minutes to simmer before tasting. I keep adding small amounts until I like the way it tastes.



Finished gumbo, with rice.

15 thoughts on “Gumbo!

  1. Other than the okra and sausage, looks like a pot of stew to me. :c) I make something fairly similar but with meatballs or stew beef.

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