Book Review: The Will of the Darkest One, by Sean Poindexter

WillofTheDarkestOne_SeanPoindexterThe Will of the Darkest One (The Dragon Blood Chronicles Book 2), by Sean Poindexter

Crescent Moon Press, (December 5, 2012)

New alliances are formed between unlikely allies as the dragons try control the damage unleashed into the human world. The bond between Garrett and Meg is crystallized, but as their worlds collide there are repercussions. Aoni’a and Meg try to help Yvonne with her impossible secret with the unlikely assistance of a curious human sorcerer. As Garrett and Ardeth undergo a dangerous journey to save Yvonne’s new child, Meg continues to explore her own secret.

Darker motives surface as the vampires seek revenge. Max becomes a target in a retributive strike by a pack of vampires hoping for advancement, but they may have bitten off more than they can chew. The dragoness Gruda seeks vengeance for the death of Xyus, while Veles Fraise collects allies for his coming war against humanity. Shades of his ultimate plan are revealed; the ancient dragon Fraise may serve a higher, darker will than even his own.

The Dragon’s Blood Chronicles pick up where The Shadow of Tiamat leaves off. Megan Crunk’s best friend Yvonne is nearing her second trimester of a bittersweet pregnancy. Knowing that the child growing inside the human female isn’t human, Meg’s dragon boyfriend Garret Terago, and his friend Aoni’a, act immediately to mitigate the dangers of the woman’s condition. First thing, Yvonne only knows her baby’s father as the sadist that raped her, so Aoni’a takes her to a clearing on Garrett’s property and shifts into her dragon form, opening the human’s eyes to world in which she’s become entangled. Yvonne responds by promptly passing out. Luckily, Aoni’a has fast reflexes and catches the delicate woman before she hits the ground.

Dragons come about two ways. Typically, a female mates with the intention of spawning. The hatchlings grow to be reasonable creature. They have all the knowledge of their mother. They build out of the way lairs in which to hide their beautiful treasures. And they establish human identities and go out of their way not to attract attention. Aoni’a is unusual in that she enjoys the company of Hollywood’s elite, but all of Megan Crunk’s dragon acquaintances are otherwise typical.

Nigel Xyus, the dragon who impregnated Yvonne, was spawned the other way. A human sorceress magically impregnated herself for the purpose of creating a dragon that would serve her, and her son inherited her evil nature. Half-dragons are only half in that they have human mothers. Had Yvonne not become pregnant, Xyus’s human mother would have gone unnoticed.

Yvonne’s delicate condition drives several plot arcs of The Will of the Darkest One.

Firstly, dragon mothers carry their eggs for 12 months before laying them, after which the spawn will continue to mature for another three months. Yvonne cannot carry the egg longer than nine months. It will tear her apart from the inside, and being premature, the dragon will also die. So, the egg must stay inside Yvonne as long as she can carry it, and then it must come out. That requires the services of an arcanist to magically transfer the egg from Yvonne to Aoni’a. Enter Fred, a squat, smelly slob of man who would attract no attention at a comicon whatsoever but somehow manages to steal a few scenes from his dragon co-stars.

Unrelated to Yvonne’s pregnancy, Aoni’a knows something about Meg, that she won’t tell her and Garrett. She guides Meg, but insists that the human must find many of the answers leading to the secret on her own. This sub-arc contributes to some vampire action in this book, but is meant to set up action in the next book.

After reading The Shadow of Tiamat, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the sequel. I was left with such in incredible feeling of euphoria, I found myself unwilling to read another book for a week. Meg and Garret are endearing characters and their romance is sexy and beautiful. Like I said, this book picks up right where Tiamat left off. Meg and Garrett had been separated for a few months and just reconciled, so it should come as no surprise that make-up sex happens in the opening chapters. And, Sean Poindexter’s writing, so it’s hot steamy, Meg clawing at the shower walls and screaming at the top of her lungs, sex. Given his handling of sex in Tiamat, I expected there to be this scene, and then references to sex here and there.


Garrett, as it happens, was the exception among dragons in regards to interest in sex. Most of the dragons in this book are quite active in their human forms. Aoni’a, in Meg’s words, is a ‘magnificent whore,’ having alluded to trysts with everyone from Marc Antony (and Cleopatra) to Rick Moranis. The one person she’s desired sex with but was never able to seduce was Garrett. In The Will of the Darkest One, we see dragons sharing intimate-but-non-sexual company. We hear of threesomes with human swingers. We see sadistic torture-fucking. And back in Garrett and Meg’s bedroom, the initial five-orgasm make-up session is just these two getting warmed up. The hottest of their scenes comes in around the two-thirds mark, when Garrett comes home after a long, dangerous trip in the effort to save Yvonne. He throws Meg down on the floor of their balcony, in the rain. Sex between them is something he enjoys, though not simply because it’s pleasurable. It makes him happy because it makes Meg happy, but he’s always in control, releasing himself usually upon her command. The beauty of the balcony event is in Garret losing control while making up for lost time. For the first time ever, Meg fears that he’ll hurt her. He doesn’t, but he does give her everything, which is all she’s ever wanted from him. Seriously, it’s the most incredible sex scene I’ve ever read.

It wouldn’t be a Sean Poindexter book without violence and there’s lots to be had. Due to limitations of sorcery, Garrett’s major fight of this book is in his human form, so we get to see him battling demons with a six-shooter owned by Jesse James, and the sword that belonged to a Frankish knight he ate a few centuries back. The vampire slaughter in this book then is left to “Meg” and her former boss, Max, who has a few of the funniest lines in a book laced with humor.

My one complaint about the book is that the ebook is littered with text and formatting errors. The paragraph tabbing is one, maybe two characters. Several scene breaks are missing, jumping the action from Missouri to a fortress in Europe without warning. There are Frankenstein sentences that somehow survived editing. I am notoriously bad about them in my own writing, so I found no difficulty reading through them, though a reader may be jarred from the narration by them. This story is so good, I couldn’t care less about the typos. Once again, I am left enchanted by Sean Poindexter’s imagination.

If you like paranormal romance, hot guys, snarky girls, and the idea of dragons squeezing vampires like tubes of toothpaste, The Dragon’s Blood Chronicles are for you. I’m actually a little pissed off that The Elohim Legacy (The Dragon’s Blood Chronicles, Book 3) isn’t on my Kindle right now, but at least you don’t have to wait for the first two.


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