Book Review: Blood Dreams, by Christine Ashworth

blood-dreams-cover2Blood Dreams (Caine Brothers Series #1.5)
By Christine Ashworth

It’s December, and Los Angeles is in the grip of a serial killer – or so Gregor Caine would like to believe. But the moon grows fat as it builds toward the Winter Solstice and an eclipse. An old woman searching for a friend gone missing believes danger is coming, and the Blood Dreams that keep interrupting Gregor’s sleep portend a swarm of demonic activity.

After summer’s setback, Kendall Sorbis is finally getting started on his Revenge Life List. First up, open a portal to the Chaos Plane. Second, invite the Caines to come and play…

Hours after the Caine boys finish off what remains of Twisted, a vampire night club, a power-hungry witch stands by the smoldering ruin. The vampire slaughter has left behind a residue of power, and Kendall Sorbis has plans for it.

Six months later, days before the winter solstice, Gregor Caine is plagued by horrible dreams of dead bodies, blood running down walls, and women screaming while waiting to die. His brother Justin is having them, too. Sensing something bad coming, and seeking to protect their brother and his wife, the older Caine brothers send the newlyweds out of town on a late honeymoon. Meanwhile, the dreams get worse, the homeless body count rises, leaving Gregor feeling helpless, frustrated, and angry.

Blood Dreams is a prologue of sorts to Demon Hunt, laying pieces for the action and the character development that will come, including one crucial piece about Gregor and Justin’s baby brother, Gabriel, that occupies only three lines but speaks volumes about the man Gregor Caine, was, and will be.

Blood Dreams is absent of the creature violence and steamy sex scenes of its related novels, but Justin and Magdalena are in prime snarky form to liven things up. And, as I expected, the story was well-written, entertaining, and worthy of an hour before bedtime.

My Red Star Award


7 thoughts on “Book Review: Blood Dreams, by Christine Ashworth

  1. This one might be too scary for me. : ) I did love your first book… .
    Okay, I’ll wait and read it when I know I can blow off the next day, just in case too many things go bump in the night. Ha ha.

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