Blogger Book Fair – Winter 2013

I’m participating in the Blogger Book Fair. There are more than 60 authors showcasing 170 books in this blogging event. 

There will be contests, books for $5, giveaways, interviews, excerpts! Like the Book Blogger Fair on Facebook for updates, and book mark the official site. The links on this page will go live on February 7th. So will the Blogger Book Fair – Winter 2013 link at the top of my blog, which will have quick links to each author.

I will be using Rafflecopter to give away three ebook copies of January Black, as well as one signed copy for the Year of the Snake blog hop on February 10th. So mark your calendars. This is going to ROCK!

Here’s a preview of my post.










One thought on “Blogger Book Fair – Winter 2013

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