Reader Spotlight: Lydia Thompson


Name: Lydia Thompson
Age: 19
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Lydia Thompson is my reader today. Please, everyone say hello, because Lydia is awesome. She’s a fan of the Young Adult and Teen Reader group on Facebook. Every few months, this page runs an “Adopt an Author” program. Readers adopt authors for three months and provide help with marketing. They talk about the author’s books, post about blog tours and giveaways. And Lydia adopted me! Didn’t I tell you that she’s awesome?

WSR: What is the first book you can remember reading on your own?

LT: It was called I’ll love you forever and I don’t remember who wrote it though. (Robert Munsch, Illustrated by Sheila McGraw.)

WSR: What is your very favorite book?

LT: My favorite is The Book Thief by Marcus Zuask.

WSR: What are your favorite genres?

LT: My favorite genres have to be paranormal romance, scfi, horror and fantasy

WSR: Do you prefer books with linear storylines? Or do you enjoy flashbacks?

LT: I prefer Flash backs because it lets me know where the characters have been and if they have changed any

WSR. What’s your favorite plot twist?

LT: My favorite plot twist is when the two main characters who are lovers get introduced to old flames or past lovers.

WSR: What plot devices drive you crazy?

LT: I would have to say when the two characters just separate themselves and say their dangerous but goes with them anyway.

WSR: If you could custom order a book, directly from an author, what would it be about?

LT: I would commission Cassandra Clare. The book would be about reapers and cyborgs and  their  fight and alliances between the two very different people.

Thank you for stopping by today, Lydia. I want to read that Cassandra Clare book, too! Dear readers, please comment and say hi to Lydia. Next week, I may have a middle grade reader answer…if her mother says yes, of course. *wink*


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