This Day in History – February 7, 1964

On February 7, 1964, The Beatles landed in New York City, and America was never the same. I asked Dan O’Brien and Jade Kerrion a few questions sparked by this historic event.

WSR: What is your favorite song by The Beatles?

DO: “Norwegian Wood” or “Blackbird”
JK: Don’t really have one. I never got into the Beatles.

WSR: Fair enough. What band could have you hanging out on a tarmac, squealing like a teenage girl.

DO: Possibly Mumford and Sons.
JK: Westlife (which unfortunately disbanded a year ago…)

WSR: What band’s popularity surprises you?

DO: Most modern pop music.
JK: Not a band, but I must say, I’m surprised by Justin Beiber’s popularity…

WSR: Me too, Jade. Me too.

How about you? Leave a comment in today’s post and share your answers to these questions. And now, back to the Book Blogger Fair!

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