This Day in History – February 8, 1955

Author John Grisham was born on February 8, 1955. Today, Dan O’Brien and Jade Kerrion are back, and Ansha Kotyk and SM Boyce have joined in as well.

WSR: Have you read any of Grisham’s novels/watched movies based on them? If so, which ones and what did you think?

DO: I have indeed. I really enjoyed The Firm and The Rainmaker. I went through a phase when I read quite a few of his novels.

JK: I watched The Firm, and really enjoyed it (and it didn’t even have much to do with the fact that it involved Tom Cruise)

AK: I haven’t read his work but I did see A Civil Action. It reminded me to be wary of my water supply that’s for sure!

SMB: I loved Pelican Brief. It was the first real mystery I read and I really enjoyed it.

WSR: Who is your favorite best selling author? What do you like about his/her work?

DO: Probably Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, or George R. R. Martin, and most because they each do what they do so well. They make it seem so effortless.

JK: David Eddings. I know he writes epic fantasy with stereotypical archetypes, but his early stories (Belgariad, Mallorean, etc) are particularly memorable in part because he plays on those archetypes.

AK: Favorite Best seller? You know I don’t think I have one? I LOVED the Harry Potter series. But I haven’t read JK’s latest book. Right now I’m reading Walk two Moons by Sharon Creech and I’m enjoying it!

SMB: Neil Gaiman. I love that he engages with fans, writes wonderful paranormal stories, and isn’t afraid to stray genres.

WSR: He received his undergraduate degree in accounting before studying law. What did you study in college (if you went)? Has your occupation had any influence on your writing?

DO: I have a Master’s degree in Psychology, as well as undergraduate degrees in philosophy and an emphasis in statistics. Occasionally I find that my formal training leaks into my writing.

JK: I majored in Biology and Philosophy in college, and my college major most certainly influenced my writing. My Double Helix series built on the premise of genetic manipulation and the ethics of humanity and perfection.

AK: I studied Anthropology and Russian Language. I definitely feel that studying Anthropology has helped me develop realistic characters and worlds. And actually, it was a writer who helped me choose this major… Jean Auel, author of The Earth’s Children series. Her books were so well researched that they actually helped me with my course work!!

SMB: I have a B.S. in Creative Writing and Marketing. The writing half really honed my technique, and the marketing half established my business mindset. I think it was a perfect combination.

How about you? Leave a comment in today’s post and share your answers to these questions. And now, back to the Book Blogger Fair!

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One thought on “This Day in History – February 8, 1955

  1. Hey Wendy!
    1) I’ve listened to a Grisham audiobook or two – at my last job his books were the majority of the audiobook library. Can I just admit that I hated them and get it over with? Oh, I fully acknowledge the books are well-written, the premises are fairly believable, etc. but I *hate* that James Bond kind of adventure story where Alpha Male rescues whatever despite many things exploding and gets laid. *shrug*

    2) Augh! My favorites have already been taken. Neil Gaiman and David Eddings are major favorites of mine – I also love Terry Pratchett with a creepy kind of fan girl squee. I would stalk him. Ooooh… and Piers Anthony. I think that’s plenty more than one for one day – but I’ll point out that Little Man and Teenager love those four authors too, so it’s not just me.

    3)I went to college for 2.5 years (Aug. 1998 – Dec. 2000) working towards my BA in History with secondary teaching certification & had to drop out when Little Man was born so very medically fragile. I went back to school, transferred all those credits, and got my BSc in Information Technology with an emphasis in Application Development. I think the combination works well with writing. When writing Science Fiction I’m making political and social commentary *and* dealing with technology.

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