This Day in History – February 9, 1942

Daylight Savings Time was instituted on February 9, 1942. Today, Dan O’Brien, Jade Kerrion, Ansha Kotyk and SM Boyce are back to give me their thoughts on the bi-annual time change.

WSR: Do you prefer to Spring Forward, or Fall Back?

DO: I prefer Spring Forward. I am an exercise-in-the-morning type of person so I need the extra sunlight. I am training for Ironman, and I need all the tiem I can get.

JK: Fall back! Anything that gives me (the illusion of) more time is a good thing.

AK: Fall Back used to be awesome. Getting that extra hour of reading time. But now with kids it just doesn’t work. It seriously messes with their sleep. Which ultimately means less reading for me!!

SMB: Fall back. I love having an extra hour in my day.

WSR: What impact do they have on you? Your family members? Kids?

DO: Mostly I find that people want to do more when there is more light, and want to do significantly less when the sunshine is in short supply.

JK: My children get discombobulated (my 6-year old son’s favorite word) for a day or two when bedtimes get adjusted.

AK: Impact? See above. A girl has got to have her reading time!!

WSR: Get rid of it? Yes or No and Why?

DO: Complicated question. If there was a way to reconcile the economics of it, I don’t see why not.

JK: Yes, get rid of it. It serves very little purpose in an electrically-driven world where light can be summoned with a flick of a finger.

AK: Get rid of it. In today’s society it doesn’t help anyone.

SMB: t is nice to have the extra hour once a year, but it’s superficial. Really, it’s not necessary. I say nix it.

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