To Do: Get out of Rut! ASAP


This is more of a “note to self” than anything. My blog isn’t working for me. I’m bored. And if I’m bored, I’m sure y’all are. I’m cooking up something different. (No, that isn’t a hint that there will be lots of food on here. Although, there will probably be some food, because I do love food.)

There’s some fun stuff coming up.

Three winners of the Goodreads January Black giveaway will be chosen randomly on June 1st.

There is a Crescent Moon Press “Summer Lovin'” Blog Hop in June, with prizes. (Graphics coming soon!)

The winner of All For One will be announced on June 16th. (Still two weeks to get your free copies of Speak of the Devil, The Devil’s Triangle, Silencing Breath, and January Black. If you’re a quick reader/reviewer, you could win signed copies of all four books.)

Also, there are giveaways planned for 1000 FB Likes, 50, 75, and 100 Amazon reviews.

AND…there is a possible video feature coming soon.

Of course, whenever I get bored, I have to change the blog theme. It’s just how I roll.

Who else is in a rut? How do you get out of it?

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