My Week of Television

I watch more TV than I read. I admit it. It’s about efficiency. Reading takes me away from writing for more than an hour, and during the week, I don’t have many free hours. I’m at work for 9 hours and commuting for another 1 1/2. I also have an active five year old and a husband who, for some reason I haven’t figured out, likes to spend time with me. Reading is a more solitary pursuit. TV we can watch together, so we do. We have a DVR recording on multiple channels and we watch what we want, when we want.

We like sci-fi, mostly. Prime time dramas. Science, Discovery, and History channels. Our son love Top Shot and How It’s Made, so those shows are watched over and over again.

Here’s my thoughts on this week’s TV.



Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross) and Meghan Markle (Rachel Zane) in Suits. (USA – NBC Universal, Inc.)

I found out Suit’s brand new season started Tuesday, ON TUESDAY. What kind of fan girl am I, right? Well, last season ended with Mike confessing to Rachel that he DID NOT go to Harvard. First she slapped him. She wants to go to Harvard. Took her LSATs. Applied. Came up with a rockin’ essay as for why she would be a great addition to Harvard, only to be smacked down. She’s the best damned paralegal at Pearson & Hardman, and here’s Mike Ross, an associate, getting her help on important cases for the firm, and he doesn’t even have a degree?! She slapped him again, because HOW DARE HE?

Mike’s relationship with Senior Partner Harvey Specter is in the toilet. Jessica Pearson, the woman with her name on the door, has him under her thumb. Rachel just found he’s a fraud. His blood pressure is understandable elevated. And Rachel, she’s just mad. So, they had  sex in the law firm’s stacks, and at the moment, it makes total sense to him, her, and the audience.

Season three skips forwards a few days, and the sense that it was a mistake has settled on Rachel. Mike shows up at her apartment to talk about it, confessing that he’s scared to death of getting caught. She suggests a way out–quit–which he intends to do, until Jessica gives him his very own glass walled office. Really, what kind of fraud lawyer would pass up his own window overlooking Manhattan over something as trifling as, I don’t know, jail? Of course not Mike Ross, which doesn’t please Rachel. To earn a shot at make-up sex, Mike offers to tell Rachel everything. He does. He scores, but only with Rachel. Back at the office, Harvey and his secretary, Donna, are still super pissed at him.

I hope the producers don’t drag out Harvey and Donna’s grudge against Mike for too long, because the show’s dynamic is really about Mike & Harvey, not Mike and Rachel.

Under the Dome

Barbie tells first responders outside of the dome to call the FAA and tell them to shut airspace around the dome.

Mike Vogel (“Barbie”) in Under the Dome. — CBS

I didn’t expect much from this show. CBS, it’s not you, it’s me. And the fact that it’s a Stephen King story. Brilliant writer, but a lot of his stuff fails to impress me on screen. I wasn’t planning on watching the show, but…while on vacation, I was up late at my sister-in-law’s. Rest of the house was asleep. The channel was already on CBS, and Under the Dome came on. Changing the channel would have required me to get out of my chair, and I was actually trying to write at the time. I was half-heartedly paying attention, and then–SLAM! Dust flies. The ground shakes. A cow gets sliced clean in half! At that point, I was no longer writing and I was glued to the TV.

When my husband got up the next morning, I told him he HAD to watch Under the Dome. He was like, “Really?” Oh, yeah, really. It’s now in the list of shows our DVR records.

This week, teenage Joe and his new friend, Norrie, have another joint seizure. They take video so they can see what happens when they’re under, and catch something super creepy in the clip. Meanwhile, there’s an outbreak of meningitis. Norrie’s psychologist mother is the ONLY doctor in town. A preacher steals all the pharmaceuticals to hasten the will of God by destroying them. Another trapped tourist, Barbie, and city councilman “Big Jim” Rennie make it just in time to stop him. Right as they get the needed antibiotics to the hospital, Barbie has to leave again to find a very sick journalist. She’s collapsed at a cabin, and that’s not even the worst part of her day. Her missing husband, a doctor who is desperately needed at the hospital, has drained their accounts and the house is in foreclosure. And Barbie, the man who saves her life, is somehow connected. He admits that he’s a collector for her husband’s bookie, but lies when she asks what happened to him.

Everyone in this town has a secret. The visitors. The residents. Everyone.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Big Jim’s son, Junior, the local psychopath, guards the clinic door with a shotgun, which doesn’t go well, so he appeals to their humanity instead, which earns him praise and a badge from the local sheriff. (Bad move, Sheriff Natalie. Bad move.) Later, Big Jim hears a woman screaming through his water pipes and goes into the bomb shelter to find Junior’s summer fling chained to the bed. The episode ends, leaving the audience to wonder whether Big Jim will save the girl or leave her down there. With THIS guy, it could go either way.



Eric Knudsen (Alec Sadler) in SyFy’s Continuum.

My favorite part about Continuum is Alec Sadler. Eric Knudsen is my dream cast for Matty Ducayn. He reminds me A LOT of Matty, my main character from January Black. They’re both brilliant. And they’re both awkward. Anyhow, with a computer, there’s very little Alec Sadler can’t do. Before Kiera Cameron came into his life, he mostly hid from his family in the barn and waited until something better happened. Kiera isn’t just better, she’s a time traveler from 2077, and from her, he learns who he becomes as an adult. This information weighs on him as time passes. As season two begins, he is reluctant to make decisions, knowing that what he does today will have an impact on Kiera’s future.

A more immediate concern, though, is his brother’s trial. Julian is on trial for domestic terrorism charges, and his mother has lied to the jury, forcing Alec to make a choice. If he lies, he’ll commit perjury and his brother, who shot a cop in cold blood, will walk. If he tells the truth, his mother will go to jail for perjury. Alec’s girlfriend tells him to do what he thinks is right, so he tells the truth. His brother is found not guilty by a corrupt judge after evidence of jury tampering is found, so his honesty is for nothing.

Other TV

Covert Affairs…Auggie and Annie are together. FINALLY! There was a plot about Colombia that involves their boss at the CIA, Arthur Campbell. Joan Cambell’s pregnant. But who cares. Auggie and Annie are together. But, in Burn Notice, Fi’s done with Michael. Which sucks. And Top Gear is cruising along in their 20th season. I love Jeremy Clarkson’s wit. Good thing to0, because my son loves them. We watch every episode at least 10 times.

Covert Affairs - Season 3

Christopher Gorham (Auggie) and Piper Perabo (Annie) in Covert Affairs. — USA (NBC Universal, Inc.)


Jeffrey Donovan (Michael) and Gabrielle Anwar (Fiona) in Burn Notice. — (USA, NBCUniversal, Inc.)


Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May. Top Gear, BBC.


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