My 2014 Reading List

ShadesOfBlueBanner-430x1024So, I missed my reading goal for 2013. By 73 books. I’m a little embarrassed to call myself a reader. This year, I’m taking a slightly different approach. I’ve created a collection on my Kindle, and when I find a book that interests me, I’m going to add it to the “2014” folder.

God only knows when the next Protectors novel is coming out, so I will be getting my Hildie McQueen fix from her Shades of Blue Trilogy, which appears to have four stories. (More the merrier, I say.)

Also on the list is this six-pack of paranormal romances that I got on sale for $2.99 on Black Friday!

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 5.50.59 PM

AND Kate Evangelista’s Savor left me seriously sad that the sequel isn’t already available. I’ll be consoling myself with these two pretties when I get through the other ten mentioned above.

unreap reapingMeSoftly


One thought on “My 2014 Reading List

  1. I don’t pin myself to a number. I just read as much as I can, and the books that interest me the most. I actually read more in 2013 than previous years due to some short ones on my Kindle. When you’re reading, writing, blogging, reviewing and that other thing…living…there’s only so many hours in a day!

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