Happy Anniversary January Black!

After five months of writing, a year of editing, a year and a half of querying agents and publishers, and another 9 months of editing, my debut novel January Black was released on January 15, 2013. It’s been an exiting year of promotions, giveaways, and an AWARD!

But it hasn’t all been roses. Quarter 2, 2013, sales were rather disappointing, and while I anticipated that Quarter 3 would be better, I learned just yesterday that it wasn’t. I didn’t publish to make money. In fact, I went into 2013 with the thought I was was going to spend a lot of money and I was going to have fun. And I did both! But, the $8.57 Q3 royalty report convinced me that that a choice I made a while back was the right one for my career as an author.

I bought the Cassandra Clare books for a 100th Amazon Review Giveaway. Up to now, I’ve managed to acquire reviews from 51 awesome readers. But, when I decided that January 15 was the date I would halt most publicity for January Black, I decided to include the books in the anniversary giveaway. I still hope to get to 100 one of these days, but I don’t want these fabulous books sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust in the meantime. I bought them for a January Black fan. Readers who love my book (though seemingly few) are engaged right now. It seems a tragedy to keep the books to myself just because I’m 49 reviews short of my goal.

Today, I am turning my attention to future releases. Two are series that share an altered timeline (one YA Paranormal, one NA scifi). There is suspense novella that is currently with beta readers, and a two volume epic high fantasy that has been sitting on my shelf for 14 years. I hope to publish one or more of these pieces this year. I also hope that they will help draw to January Black the attention I believe with my whole heart that it truly deserves.

Now, without further ado, the winners of the January Black Anniversary giveaway.

According to the drawing rules that I posted on the main page of my blog, the winner of The Infernal Devices needs to have completed one of two tasks: purchase January Black OR post a review on Amazon. Names drawn would be checked against the report from Rafflecopter for completion of one of those tasks, and the lesser prizes would be awarded until Rafflecopter offered up the name of a grand prize eligible entrant. As it happens, there are 4 prizes, and the fourth name drawn was on the reviewer list.

The January Black prize pack goes to:

Shamara Catama


The $10 Amazon Gift Card goes to:

Donna Reynolds


The signed paperback of Toni de Palma’s “The Devil’s Triangle” goes to:

Francis Hernandez


And, finally, the signed, hardcover copies of The Infernal Devices go to:

Charitini Neofotistou

Charitini posted her reviews of January Black on Goodreads and Amazon on January 12, 2014. I promised that I would award the prize if the review were rave or scathe, but I’m happy to hear that she liked the book.



Congratulations ladies. I will be emailing you today and you will have 24 hours to respond to me with mailing addresses, or new winners will be drawn. Happy New Year, everyone. I hope to get in some productive writing time soon, so continue following my social media posts for updates on my new work.

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