Novels & Short Stories

Dreams Awake

Dreams Awake is a psychological suspense novella. Kim Mulholland is a small town teacher. She recently lost her unborn son. Her husband is gone, starting their new life on the East Coast while she finishes the school year and packs up their house. Dreams Awake follows Kim through three strange days of pain and torment.


Circle of the Butterfly

Twenty-five years ago, rogue oracle Liasneh Yan-Tay, delivered the body of a child, laid to rest in a box with live butterflies, to her archrival Colette Yannah as a birthday present. The girl, born with the sacred symbol “Tay” on her neck, is the fourth such child to be slain by the Oracle’s Hand in Liasneh’s defiance of the gods, and her death heralds another 1000 years of brutality in Dimar.

Unknown to both Liasneh and Colette, the Tay child was a decoy. As the Oracle’s Hand broke into her house, her mother hid her twin sister in a compartment of the bedroom wardrobe.

Raised by two Shayachanan knights and a wayward prince, Jiade`Xin grows up to become Liu`Shayiot, Virgin Knight, a warrior with supernatural gifts elect to the station of oracle. But as war with Liasneh looms, Jiade rescinds her vow of chastity and takes her own life, leaving her friends bewildered, her family distraught, and their world certain that hope is lost.

But, there are signs that the gods aren’t done yet.

Circle of the Butterfly two-part fantasy novel, currently sitting at about 210k words.