J.M. Cataffo

Sally Singletary’s Curiosity

Curiosity-jmCataffoIn this modern day Nancy Drew meets Fringe, Sally Singletary is faced with the strange disappearance of three students and a teacher. As chief editor for the school’s high-tech online newsletter, she’s determined to get the scoop on what’s really happening and what it means for the students at Hidden Lake Prep School. With the help of a little magic and a few new friends, she discovers a scheme that’s far bigger than she could’ve ever imagined. Can this teen sleuth find a way to stop a plot that may have far-reaching consequences for all of mankind, or will Sally Singletary’s Curiosity lead to the end of all humanity?

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JMCataffoSince I was five years old, my dream was to be a writer. I never thought I could write anything more than a grocery list, but I’ve managed to put together enough words to make a novel. In fact, what was once a short story I wrote in High School, has now blossomed into three interconnected series of books. The first of these is Sally Singletary’s Curiosity, receiving rave reviews from early readers!

I’ve worked in education for over 15 years and my favorite part of my job is teaching writing. In Special Education it’s sometimes difficult to get a child who has a great deal of difficulty with writing to compose a story. Recent advances in technology, along with some good old fashioned tried and true methods, have given these students a chance to express themselves in a way they never could before. It’s exciting to see kids who no one thought could ever compose a story, write something that is beautiful and insightful.

My challenge to you. Never underestimate a person’s potential to do things you never thought they could. I never thought I could become a writer and, while it’s way too early to guage my success, the fact that I was able to complete a novel at all still amazes me. We should all know our limitations, but don’t be afraid to test them every once in a while.

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