Works in Progress

Gossamer is adult science fiction with an altered timeline and a paranormal element. It takes place in the 21st century Wyoming, features the Shoshoni and Sioux Native American tribes, and will include some ‘holy grail’ technology.


All the fires that burn…all that have…all that will.

Those were the words carved into the gate above Rhys’ head. That was the meaning behind the tattoo on his arm, and the power, so the Pa’a said, given to Gabaimi’a-kuna by their god: to walk through fire.

Every strand of hair on his body stood up as his eyes trailed from the words to the fenghuang carving, knowing the wrong hands made it, in the wrong place, at the wrong time…just like—

Gabai found him once before, he thought as he retreated in the moonlight toward the roar of river water. She would again.

Virgo is young adult science fiction that shares a timeline, setting, and plot trigger with Gossamer, although I don’t plan for there to be any character overlap at this time. The main character is a teenage girl with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Sample chapter