Summer Lovin’ Blog Hop: My Fond Memory of 1982 with Marie Sexton

The words “summer vacation” always take me back to 1982. I was eight years old, living in Evanston, Wyoming, and I spent every single day with my best friend, Marie Sexton. She was nine, one grade above me, and she lived up the block. I remember she had this really cool hide-a-way desk, a TV in her room with Pong, and a box full of satiny gowns for playing dress-up. It came as no surprise, when we reconnected on Facebook 26 years after losing touch, that we had both become writers. We had crazy imaginations! Our very favorite thing to do with our summer days was to sing along to the Grease 2 soundtrack while acting out scenes.

So, for your Summer Lovin’ enjoyment, here’s “Back to School.”

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16 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ Blog Hop: My Fond Memory of 1982 with Marie Sexton

  1. Thats a really nice memory that got brought to life, its always so sweet tho meet up with someone important to you from so many years back

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  3. Hi! Great video! Grease 2 was fun! It definitely is a fun summer movie! Thanks for being apart of this great hop!

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